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Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser
Monday, May 11, 2015
7:00pm - All Ages
450 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Last week, Nepal was hit by a devastating 7.9 earthquake. The official death toll is 6000, but could soon top 15,000. In the capital of Kathmandu, upwards of 10,000 families are suddenly homeless. Rural areas in the Himalayas are even harder hit, and relief efforts have been slow to reach them. People are living in tents and surviving on scarce food, water, and medical supplies. Daily essentials are running short and the scarcity is expected to worsen as monsoon season begins.

Boston is home to a large community of Nepalis and Tibetans. We are all deeply affected by this natural disaster. As a collective effort, we want to help our friends and relatives in Nepal by raising funds for the emergency response and re-building in the coming months.

Your donation will contribute to funding three projects:

1. Two Nepali residents of Cambridge are still not in touch with their family, whose home was destroyed. We will donate part of the fund to this family to help them rebuild.

2. A portion of the fund will go to the village of Sindupalchowk, where our family and friends are working hard to help with the disaster.

3. The third part of the fund will be donated to Tsum Nubri Relief & Recovery Program, which is working on disaster relief in the Tsum Valley.

Join our Facebook group “Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser, Cambridge, MA” to see updates on how your donation is helping on the ground in Nepal.

Thank you for your generosity and being a friend to Nepal when she needs you most.

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