PERFORMER MAGAZINE review “Owed To The Tanglin’ Wind”01/11/2014 - admin

Dan Blakeslee By Michael Winters


ALBUM REVIEW in PERFORMER MAGAZINE November 2014 - By Shawn M. Haney

Stirring and amiable, Dan Blakeslee is quite a prolific songsmith and artist, striking a chord with the New England region with his crafty, noble tunes, over five albums worth of work. With stirring numbers like “Poet On The Porch” and “Tattooed Man And The Saint” his new record bleeds with sound and words, putting music to his life in the New England area through strong and fervent storytelling. This is soulful folk both magical and immediate; the vocals are gripping and haunting, decorated by a gifted band of musicians, complete with dynamic guitars, banjos organs and percussion. Peaceful, meditative and relaxing, these ten songs spell gritty, bold folk styles of the New England area. “Owed To The Tanglin’ Wind” is a wonderful much needed gift of respite, perfect for the journeyman”