“There is a feeling of antiquity to the songs, which are written in a poetic language that could have been taken from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”
Nick Zaino III
Boston Globe
“The record is a solid piece of work throughout, from a clearly talented writer and singer
Patrick Wilkins
Americana UK
“There is little doubt in my mind that tonight’s profile artist Dan Blakeslee, a singer-songwriter, graphic designer, original artist and performer is probably one of the most gifted all-around artists in New England.”
Ryan’s Smashing Life Blog
“Dan Blakeslee is one of Boston’s most promising songwriters – spinning literate songs that feature the perfect mix of folky grit and soulful swoon”
Scott Pingeton
Visible Voice
“A wide spectrum of folk brilliance” Tatnic Tales runs from rollicking to contemplative, sparse to lush. Recorded in an antiquarian barn in Maine with virtuoso folk players, Dan’s album is by turns haunting, cheerful, and somber, as well as always heartfelt and deep. Fantastic artwork detailing the story can be found inside and if you need to discover a new folk voice, let it be Dan’s!
The Magazine Keeper