Bandcamp Friday!

Hey… check out my Spotify… nah… check out my BANDCAMP! Today Bandcamp waives their artist fees and all the loot goes to the artist… in this case moi… MWAH! I am so grateful to have been playing music for a living over the past three decades… it’s not an easy career but I am so grateful every day that I am doing it. A big THANK YOU to anyone who has ever come my shows, stopped to listen to me busking in the streets, purchased physical / digital albums from me, gave me a place to sleep, fed me, made me laugh… I feel so lucky every day and I take NONE of it for granted. Most of my music collection is of friends I have played shows with through the years or artists that I have seen live that have knocked me out or music I have heard through friends suggestions. So if you have musicians that you have been wanting to support see if they are on Bandcamp! Please share! MWAH (again!)